What happened to file share?

On the previous version of this staff site, there was a link to a private dropbox that contained a variety of resources for Adult & Teen Challenge staff members. Those resources haven’t gone away, they’ve just moved to Basecamp! You can read more about Basecamp here.

Below is a list of the resources that used to be on file share. You can use the search functionality in Basecamp to find them in the “Docs & Files” section.

  • 2018 Logos – All Versions ATCUSA Provided
    Use this link to update your logos to the new standard.
  • Best Practices by George Thomas
    This is a Best Practices Manual benefiting existing and future TC programs. Researched and compiled by Dr. George Thomas this manual provides best practices for organizational structure, legal management, compensation, fundraising and conflict resolution for operating an effective TC program.
  • Book of Hope – Teen Challenge Edition by One Hope
    The Book of Hope has impacted millions of lives. This version was created specifically for the TC audience. With workbook type questions inserted throughout this summary of the Gospels, it makes a great resource for a PSNL Salvation contract.
  • Crisis Manual Workbook ATCUSA Provided
    Some Teen Challenge programs have a Crisis Plan already. This is not meant to replace it. However, please read through this plan to be sure that all the right pieces are in place. It is these “pieces” which the reviewer will be …
  • Emerging Leaders Program ATCUSA Provided
    Teen Challenge’s Emerging Leaders Program is a training tool that provides a course of action and resources to identify, equip and train Teen Challenge students and staff who aspire to greater levels of responsibility within Teen Challenge.
  • Employee Job Performance Appraisal Form ATCUSA Provided
    This document includes performance definitions, performance categories, room for comments from the supervisor and employee, and a development plan.
  • Fundraising Recap Form  ATCUSA Provided
    Sample form to document and analyze fundraising expenses and income for from various avenues. A second column is utilized to set goals and plan for the future fundraising.
  • GSNL Powerpoints by Teen Challenge of Oklahoma
    These GSNL PowerPoints are made available by Teen Challenge of Oklahoma. They invested their time and resources with a desire to share them with all of TC. Each PowerPoint has a video that was shot in the Holy Land. There is one PowerPoint for each of the 14 GSNL studies.
  • Light for the Lost Funding Request Form ATCUSA Provided
    Light for the Lost (LFTL) – the Assemblies of God Men’s Ministry grant resource provides funding for gospel message centered resources. This documents includes the application form along with detailed information on how to submit an appropriate LFTL funding request.
  • Curriculum Order Forms ATCUSA Provided
    Printable order forms for PSNL, GSNL, and Living Free to use in conjunction with Light for the Lost funds.
  • Medication Log Forms with Instructions ATCUSA Provided
    This med log form system allows the center to record both over-the-counter and prescription on the same med log sheet. It allows for the use of staff and student initials when used correctly.
  • Power of My Story  ATCUSA Provided
    Do you want your students to be better prepared to share their stories? the purpose of the “My Story” curriculum is to familiarize the student with the importance of learning to share their stories with others in all of life’s situations. It is an ongoing life skill that does not stay limited to a person’s time in the program but can be a  beneficial skill for relating to others, getting employment, and encouraging another to a life with Christ. The Power of My Story is day courses to help your students tell their story well. With this course your students will: 1. Learn the benefits of ongoing, journaling for proper expression, self-discovery, and counseling insight, 2. Be able to develop their testimony into a short, medium, and long version for various seeings and audiences. 3. Be able to develop their testimony for specific Teen Challenge opportunities (Church, Chapel, radio, etc.) and become comfortable telling your story to another person.
  • Sample Code of Conduct ATCUSA Provided
    This sample will provide a good starting point for your Code of Conduct Agreement but should be expanded upon to reflect more fully your expectations.
  • Speed the Light – Annual Vehicle Report ATCUSA Provided
    Speed the Light requires that centers submit one vehicle report to TCUSA per year; it’s due to the TCUSA office by Jan. 15.
  • Speed The Light – Vehicle Grant Application ATCUSA Provided
    Speed the Light (STL) may provide a grant up to $25,000 for eligible Teen Challenge centers. This form includes eligibility information.
  • Student Acknowledgement of Program Rules ATCUSA Provided
    This form is a good overall agreement between TC and the enrolling student.
  • Student Discharge Report ATCUSA Provided
    A sample form.
  • Student Evaluation and Advisory Report ATCUSA Provided
    This is a two part Ministry Aid that provides a tool to facilitate regular student evaluation that is followed up with by a student adviser. This Ministry Aid helps to identity student issues, needs and progress. It holds the student and the staff accountable.
  • Work Experience Program – Student Performance Evaluation Form ATCUSA Provided
    A student job performance evaluation form to help students see how they’re doing at applying what they’ve learned about a Godly work ethic, attitude, etc. This is especially true with regards to practical application of GSNL and PSNL studies.
  • Work Experience Program – Jewelry Making  ATCUSA Provided
    Information for implementation of jewelry making as a social enterprise.
  • Work Experience Program – Lawn Mowing  ATCUSA Provided
    Information for implementation of lawn mowing as a social enterprise.
  • Work Experience Program – Social Enterprise 101  ATCUSA Provided
    Information on the basic implementation principles for all social enterprise endeavors you may wish to implement at your TC ministry.
  • Work Experience Program -Thrift Stores  ATCUSA Provided
    Information for implementation of thrift store as a social enterprise.
  • Work Experience Program – Vehicle Donations  ATCUSA Provided
    Information for implementation of vehicle donation as a social enterprise.
  • Work Experience Program – Work Program Description and Student Forms  ATCUSA Provided
    This form provides the description of the Teen Challenge work program that every student must read prior to entry. There are also 2 forms that every student must sign. There is a post admissions form they must complete and sign prior to entry and a post admissions form they must complete acceptance and immediately upon entry into the program.
  • Videos – Breaking Intimidation by John Bevere
    John Bevere and Messenger International have graciously offered the Breaking Intimidation Video series to our centers at no charge. You may wish to make this part of a PSNLL contract for a particular student. There is a Breaking Intimidation Workbook available.

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