ATC Continuing Education Guidelines

Continuing education is an integral part of serving with excellence within the Adult & Teen Challenge Ministry. There are many ways you can earn Continuing Education Credit (CEC). Any of the following activities will qualify for continuing education clock hours to meet the accreditation standard of 20 CECs each year if the activity relates to job-specific training.

  • For any continuing education activity, you must have proper documentation, as described below, to claim the credit. You can use the ATC continuing education credit verification form for activities that are not within ATC Bridge or documented on a CEC Certificates/Roster at your local ATC center. 

ATC locations include a variety of positions with unique educational needs including marketing, finance, human resource, development, management, executive leadership, ministerial, counseling, peer coaching, food service, recreation, and various social enterprise professionals.  CEC education should relate to your current role within ATC or impact your ability to serve within ATC in the future.  

ATC Bridge Programs/Courses

ATCHQ will issue CECs for ATC Bridge program/course completions, which are documented electronically within ATC Bridge.  

  • Note for ATC Bridge Managers: If you create an ATC Bridge course/program, you can request that your course be evaluated, and CECs assigned appropriately by emailing:

ATC Webinar, Regional Training, or Conference 

ATCHQ will issue CECs for ATC webinars, regional training, or conferences within the ATC Bridge platform. 

ATC On-Site Training

Continuing education clock hours are granted for formal training offered within ATC centers.  Regular staff meetings and updates are not considered formal training unless fully dedicated to a training topic. Must be documented on ATC Certificates/Roster at your local ATC center or in ATC Bridge as a live training with learners enrolled and marked as attended by the ATC Bridge Manager or Trainer.

1 hour = 1 CEC

College or University Courses 

A transcript, grade report, or verification form is required for documentation.

1 semester hour = 5 CECs

Non-ATC Webinar, Workshop, or Conference Courses 

A certificate, verification form, or letter verifying attendance is required for documentation. The documentation must include your name, date attended, hours completed, program title, and signature of presenter/provider.

5 hours = 1 CEC

Home Study Continuing Education (Limit of 5 CECs Annually)

Only 5 CECs should come from home study programs each year, including reading assigned by ATC managers and non-ATC online certificates and correspondence courses.  A certificate, verification form, or letter verifying completion is required for documentation. The documentation must include your name, date completed, hours completed, program/book title, and signature of the ATC manager/presenter/provider.

10 hours = 1 CEC

25 pgs. of reading = 1 hour

  • Please Note: We recommend that ATC centers that pair required reading with on-site training/coaching utilize the formula above and include both on-site and home study credit on their ATC Certificate/Roster for documentation in one place for clarity.

Downloadable Forms


Do the annually required training (Confidentiality, Universal Precautions, etc.) count toward the total 20 CECs staff must attain each year?

If a staff member has completed the Emergency Action Preparation Certification, are they also required to complete Fire Safety?
No, because they already took them. The Fire Safety courses are included in the Emergency Action Preparation Certification.