Advanced Studies for New Life in Christ

Advanced Studies for New Life in Christ (ASNL) is an expanding library of resources for Adult & Teen Challenge student discipleship (GSNL & PSNL materials) gleaned from staff members across the country. Read more

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Low Reading Proficiency

National Literacy Directory

The National Center for Families Learning wants to support and encourage your students on their literacy journey. See if there is an organization near you

Low Reading Proficiency

Student Reading Assessments

Below are two printable reading assessments that you can use with your students. Adult Reading Assessment ToolSan Diego Quick Assessment

Low Reading Proficiency

Illiteracy Apps

The following apps can help students who struggle with literacy. Codex: Lost Words of Atlantis – Apps on Google Solve puzzles to build literacy!

Free Resources

Life Church Small Groups

The Life Church small groups help people learn and grow in community. Find small groups on a wide variety of topics geared towards all sorts


Getting Right with God

Getting Right with GodBy: Tony Salerno Much has been written about the first steps a person should take after they make their decision to follow

Group Studies

70×7 Curriculum

70×7 CurriculumBy: Bruce Wilkinson Something happened. It might have been yesterday. It might have been years ago. But it hurt. And it changed you. And


Studies in Christian Living Series

Studies in Christian Living Series, 6 VolumesBy NavPress / NavPress In Studies in Christian Living, your students will find help for establishing a program of personal

ASNL Information

This library is by and for you! It only becomes more relevant as you invest in it with your ideas, ratings, and comments.

Adult & Teen Challenge provides the Group Studies for New Life in Christ (GSNL) and Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL) as our foundational student discipleship curriculum. This curriculum is typically completed during the first 4 months that a student is enrolled in the program. However, relevant effective discipleship curriculum is critical for the entire one year program. ASNL is a collaborative library of ideas to serve that purpose.

The decision on which curriculum you utilize is very important. It is important that your chosen resources address the needs and challenges that students face once they complete the program. Are they fully armed to face their future? Have we given them every resource and opportunity that WE can give them? We need to be intentional and strategic with our discipleship training.

The categories and ideas listed here are a result of staff discussions and surveys on the vital needs for our students. For example, relationships was identified as the key challenge that students face upon graduation from the program, so resources that are being utilized in centers across the country to address that issue are listed here.

We will continue to poll educational directors for resource ideas on other topics and will add them to this site. If you have recommendations of curriculum that you have used for a prolonged time that has proven to be effective with your students please share it with us.