Jimmy Lilley Scholarship

About the Scholarship

World Challenge established the Jimmy Lilley scholarship to honor the life journey, godly devotion, and passionate work of Jimmy Lilley (a longtime friend, former employee, and co-laborer of their founder, David Wilkerson). This scholarship exists to help financially struggling people enter an Adult & Teen Challenge program. Scholarships will be awarded on a quarterly basis.

Eligibility Criteria

Centers may submit an application for up to two students per quarter, however, a center can only be awarded one scholarship per year. Centers are responsible for turning in quarterly reports to the National Office, updating the awarded students status in the program.

The Recipient of this award must:

  • Meet admission requirements of a fully accredited residential Adult & Teen Challenge program.
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Currently struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs or both.
  • Strongly desire to find freedom from addiction.
  • Demonstrate financial need as a barrier to treatment.

The student will hold the scholarship for one year. If the awarded student leaves the program, the scholarship can be passed to another student who meets the criteria after the center notifies the National Office. The scholarship may not be renewed.

The final choice of the recipient of this scholarship will be made by the national office of Adult & Teen Challenge acting upon the recommendation of its appointed Scholarship Committee.

If you have any questions or need help with something related to the Jimmy Lilley Scholarship please contact Lauren Williams at laurenw@teenchallengeusa.org or 417-581-2181 ext. 208.

Submit an Application

Application Deadline: July 1, 2024

Award Announcement: July 31, 2024

About Jimmy Lilley

After a long battle with drug addiction, Jimmy Lilley entered Philadelphia’s Teen Challenge Program on September 15, 1971. He graduated the program on May 15, 1972. Then began his self-described “endless career of adventure, everlasting life of anticipation, and eternal voyage of discovery.” Jimmy began his work in ministry with Teen Challenge Philadelphia and was ordained through the Assemblies of God. Through his career he worked with several other ministries, eventually retiring from World Challenge.

Jimmy Lilley attributes his success in ministry to several individuals, including David Wilkerson, Grace and Kelly Wilkerson, Bob Bartlett, Duane Henders, Rodney Hart, and Pastor Stefan Matasaru. “On the journey of faith, I enjoyed the privilege of ministering with some of the most amazing people on earth. These individuals and their ministries had a great impact on me. They also aided me toward emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual maturity.”

Through World Challenge, Adult & Teen Challenge, and the Jimmy Lilley Scholarship Fund, Jimmy’s ministry lives on. “I have the privilege to continue my passion to minister to others through this scholarship. My hope is that others may be rescued from the heavy burdens of their addictions and be lifted up to freedom – becoming devoted, passionate workers in the Kingdom of Christ.”

A Message from a Friend

by Duane Henders

“My wife and I were the directors of the Philadelphia Teen Challenge men’s center when Jimmy Lilley entered the program in 1971. From the very beginning he showed a passion for Jesus, for the Word of God and for the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. His spiritual growth was exceptional and after graduation from the program he joined the staff and served in the evangelism and discipleship department and the Teen Challenge Berean School of the Bible for five years.

I have known Jimmy and his family for the past 49 years and I have rejoiced to see him minister with a powerful anointing in Teen Challenge centers, with David and Gary Wilkerson and overseas in various countries. Jimmy has consistently maintained a passion for God and for the lost and has impacted multitudes of people with his ministry.”