Emerging Leaders Program

Adult & Teen Challenge’s Emerging Leaders Program is a training tool that provides a course of action and resources to identify, equip and train Teen Challenge students and staff who aspire to greater levels of responsibility within Teen Challenge.

Countless ATC ministries around the US have implemented the Emerging Leader’s Program since its inception several years ago. These ministries have found it so beneficial that they continue to implement it in their ministries.

The Emerging Leaders Program is a process that will allow students and staff to emerge over time into Teen Challenge leadership.

Our Conviction

  1. Current students can and should be the Teen Challenge leaders of tomorrow.
  2. Current staff are our greatest assets. Their input and personal ownership contribute to the success of the program.
  3. We will forge a lasting legacy only if we build a team of staff who will carry the core values forward
  4. Reward those students and staff who excel with the necessary training they need for success.

The Emerging Student Leaders program is divided into two 6 month segments and is designed to be completed in one year.

  • The first six month segment of the Emerging Student Leaders Program is to be completed by a Teen Challenge student during the last six months of the residential program. Courses are outlined in the ELP Manual.
    • It is recommended that ELP Core Courses first be utilized with all existing staff to equip them and familiarize them with the program and materials.
  • The second six month segment is designed to be completed after the student graduates from the Teen Challenge program and while serving as an intern. There are three track selections: Ministerial, Administrative, and Vocational. There are several electives for each track.

Each local ministry should appoint an ELP Representative to oversee the program for their ministry. The ELP Rep administers ELP in accordance with the ELP Manual.

Are you ready to get started?

Start with the ELP manual. This manual is designed to help guide the ELP Rep in how to set-up and organize the program at your local ministry. All other course materials are available on Basecamp with some resources available for sale on the ATCUSA store. Click here for the ELP manual. 

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