Field Testing

What is Field-Testing?

Field-Testing is when you participate in testing a product or process. As a Field-Tester you and a select group of students will be testing out new PSNL studies before they are published. You will use the PSNL studies exactly the way they are designed for instruction and provide feedback that will enable the National Office to produce materials that are relevant and effective.

Why do we Field-Test?

Our goal in Field-Testing is to ensure that classroom materials created and produced by the National Office are relevant, effective, and Biblically-based. It is an essential tool in bridging the gap between content and student.

  • It improves the quality of materials produced for students.
  • It assesses the validity, quality, and impact of produced pieces.
  • It helps our authors and editors make informed decisions.
  • It provides training and best practice guidance for facilitator manuals.

How do we Field-Test? 

It’s really simple;

We provide you with a printable pdf version of the study for you to print for students.

You and your students work through the study and then complete an online survey.

Why should you be a Field-Tester?

  • You get to preview all the new and upcoming materials.
  • You receive 3 FREE copies of each finished published work.
  • You receive a Free Facilitator’s Guide for each completed track you participate in.

How can you be a part?

Complete the online application form by clicking the button below. 

When contacted by the National Office, complete the Field-Testing Training Course in Bridge.